Sistema Penitenciário: lesbianidade como forma de resistência?

  • Ludmila Gaudad PUEG/ UNAM
Palabras clave: Lesbianism, prison system, resistance


Imprisionment is the tormement of the body, as itself gets heldand restrict to situations, rights and possibilities. Affective and sexualrelations are only one extra restriction to which trapped people aresubject to. In this context, female homosexuality in prision appears asone possibility of establishing new experiences, being set as a way toresist the absolute control of minds and bodies of those women deprivedof liberty, it constitutes as a locus for change of paradigms.


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Gaudad, L. (2016). Sistema Penitenciário: lesbianidade como forma de resistência?. Zona Franca. Revista De Estudios De género, 21(22), 54-63.
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